nancy benton

16 X 20 • ACRYLIC ON CANVAS • $500

30 x 30 • ACRYLIC ON CANVAS • $700

16 X 20 • ACRYLIC ON CANVAS • $500


Nancy Benton works mostly with acrylic but has also created art in other mediums such as watercolor, collage and ink. Her latest work has been focused on simplifying the landscape to minimal shape and palette but still maintaining the integrity of the image. She has been experimenting with a more flat and graphic style. She finds inspiration in works from Diebenkorn, Matisse and Hockney. Her favorite subjects are landscapes with dramatic lines where natural elements mix with man-made structures. Probably the single most important element in her work is composition. Nancy spends as much time as possible outside of teaching and painting, collecting images through her travels. She than sorts through hundreds of photos to find the perfect image to paint. What initially draws her to an image is the composition and then from there she works on figuring out how to reduce the complexity of the image by focusing on a very simple palette and selectively eliminating information.

 My work is constantly evolving but a consistent theme is the backdrop of our lives, the landscape. Whether it’s the vistas I see around me on my daily routine or something new on a trip to a foreign place, I can’t help but marvel at the landforms made by nature and man. I never stop looking and thinking about how to put together what feels like a set design for a scene that I hope will be familiar to the viewer. I love when people tell me that the location looks like a street they walked down or an area of a place they visited. I want a landscape to be more than just a pretty painting. I want it to evoke a sense of nostalgia and at the same time a wonderment of what is unknown. What is most fascinating to me about painting the landscape is even though there are elements that repeat itself consistently-a tree, the sky, a cloud, a house-the variety of finished possibilities is never ending. The potential for a new perspective, a fresh combination of colors, or a reimagined composition gives both the painter and viewer unlimited satisfaction.

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