Lydia rae black

TUMULT • 29 X 56 • OIL ON PANEL • $2,300

GARBAGE • 49 X 36 • OIL ON PANEL • $3,500


The work I do is always intentioned as nostalgic, although I try to approach it through an unexpected angle, examining issues of economics, consumerism, and identity by depicting leftovers.

I feel that the things which we own define us, part of each individual’s indelliable social construct. Our possessions are the tools which we use to define our constantly-transforming notion of self, displayed for others, and viewed through the cultural valuations of wealth and ownership.

I am fascinated by the variety, complexity, beauty and seduction of consumerism. We identify through the things that we own, and by them, define ourselves and our lives. Places and items which we reject and discard are a source of constant inspiration for my works.

The paintings are an attempt to commemorate the things that were once wanted, and through that process, recall the people that we once were.

In a way, my works are an autopsy that is at once personal and anonymous.

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october 11 - october 14
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