Beth shields

DANCE • 18 X 18 • OIL • $350

JOY • 48 X 36 • OIL • $2,000


I was born and raised in Southern California and attended UCLA, earning a degree in Fine Art. I moved to magical Santa Cruz almost 30 years ago, and have been making art and participating in the local art scene ever since.

I knew from my first remembered thought that I wanted to draw and paint. That desire has imparted a central theme to my existence. I don't know where my art comes from; it is just there waiting for me to find it. If I don't go looking (meaning work and take risks) it does not come into existence.

My medium and style have changed many times, but the search is always the same. I seek something indefinable, the answer to my eternal question. If I could tell you in words what it is, I would probably be a writer. I don't always believe the work succeeds in fulfilling my goals, but I know that I am here to continue searching and that art is the means and method of my particular quest.

I presently work with oil paint, oil bars, wax medium, and graphite. This work is a process of trying to discover my most authentic aesthetic. The process creates joy and sorrow, simultaneously taking me to great heights and depths. The search for resolution is constant. Sometimes grace finds me and a piece happens in minutes; other times I must work for months or even years to find that resting-place called “complete”.

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