SKY HIGH • 36 X 48 • OIL ON CANVAS • RETAIL: $7,200 // ART FAIR: $5,760

EAST OF EDEN  • 30 X 40 • OIL ON CANVAS •   RETAIL: $5,900 // ART FAIR:  $4,720

EAST OF EDEN • 30 X 40 • OIL ON CANVAS • RETAIL: $5,900 // ART FAIR: $4,720


Thoughtful and inventive people tell others to visit a place, that they must see it; there is something inspiring about it, they will walk away a little larger. My works capture not only an image of these locales, but a heightened multi-experience. Through composition and a careful seven-layer process, using hand-mixed tubes including varnish and oil, I recreate highlights and colors such that when different combinations of light hit them, they change color and appearance similar to the original landscape and architecture.

Over 500 brushes are used to mix a prepared palette of 42 spectrum colors and pastel tones into delicate combinations that can no longer be named, slightly neutral tones that feed off of one another making a luminous whole. A brush is used just once to mix two or three colors, then set aside for cleaning, allowing unparalleled color clarity.

In my Color Realist works, textures and tones are repainted seven times, creating a sense of space and light from the exact color choice of each stroke relating to others. I manipulate photo-studies into digital watercolors, then project them, creating original oils in a way similar to painting en plein air. I mix my own tubes using clear walnut oil, transparent varnish, and translucent whites. The visual effect of the overlapping color layers changes when viewed in different light, the way landscape and buildings vary with weather and time of day. My abstract paintings use the same seven-layer process, the shapes evolving as well as the colors.


Charles John Tersolo II was born in Rochester, New Hampshire, in 1974. Charles graduated summa cum laude from the University of New Hampshire in 1997 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art. Inspired by the creative possibilities of the cityscape, he moved to Boston. In 2004, Charles was selected to join the Copley Society of Art, the nation's oldest non- profit art association. In 2009, the board of governors unanimously named Charles a Copley Artist.

As of 2016 Charles now lives and works in New Britain, Connecticut, previously living in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts with a studio and gallery in Boston's South End. He has been working exclusively as a fine art oil painter since 2003.

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