Christopher allen



My name is Christopher Allen, and I moved to Santa Cruz in 1996 to attend UCSC. After graduating, I spent the next 13 years working in the education system as a substitute, private tutor, classroom teacher, and finally vice-principal at a private school. While i enjoyed working with children, the job became far too demanding, and in 2013 I began a new phase of my life. While I have always been ‘artistic’ it was at this time that I began actually making art.

Inspired by the natural surroundings of Santa Cruz, particularly the ocean and the forest, (as well as free piles around town and the Craigslist Free section), I was drawn to make things with recycled materials. Beginning with bottles, I began incorporating all kinds of materials, including electrical wiring, salvaged fencing and barn wood, barbed wire, bicycle parts, corrugated metal, offcuts from guitars, discarded art supplies, packing materials, and electronic circuitry.

I love the idea of making art with things that would otherwise be thrown away or just lay around unused, as well as the juxtaposition of the natural world made with industrial, man-made materials. I love the idea of things from the natural world made with things from the man made world. My motto is, “Art is Everywhere!”