M. BABYAK // Tennis, Anyone?

Where the Game Begins
54 X 36
Tennis balls from 4 Majors, acrylic, & ink on panel • Resin coated & framed

A tribute to these players and anyone who has ever played or watched the game of tennis.

These major winning greats have exhibited an athleticism, grace, intelligence, elegance, wit and sophistication born of discipline and training.

“Love” is where this super-competitive activity begins.



Born in Cleveland, BABYAK left Ohio at age 16 to travel. He served in the US Military as a Navy Seal, before returning to the University of Cincinnati, Conservatory of Music, where he earned a Bachelor's degree in Ballet. BABYAK spent 10 years with the Cincinnati Opera as a professional ballerina, and performed with various regional ballet companies. 

Upon his retirement from the stage, BABYAK set down his shoes and picked up what had been a part-time passion: painting. His work has evolved to realist, figurative images rendered in oil, acrylic, and charcoal, to abstraction and realism, using acrylic, found materials, glitter, crayons, diamond dust, and more. Often there is a sense of movement to his work, which can be attributed to BABYAK's background in dance.  


Where the Game Begins certainly reflects a signature, kinetic sense of movement. A back-and-forth, as a tennis ball across the court. Further, BABYAK exemplifies attention to detail and discipline. A homage to the players of the game, by matching their their flawless execution and skill with his own. There is a sense of playfulness, by the inclusion of the tennis balls, from four masters, sunken into resin