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Artist Dale Rogers (Haverhill, Massachusetts) creates large-scale steel sculptures for private collectors and public art installations. With a signature combination of simple geometric shapes and iconic imagery, Dale strives to create work that is thought-provoking, easily recognized, and sophisticated.


Dale’s interest in art is a lifelong passion.  His welding skills are self-taught, he embraced the techniques of TIG welding to repair farm equipment on his family farm. The Rogers family has owned and operated Spring Hill Farm in Haverhill since 1902.

“Unfortunately, or fortunately, I was a horrible welder,’’ he said. “I began making sculpture just to become a better welder. That’s where the love affair started.’’


Cor-ten steel, Dale’s primary material, is chosen for its “long life/low maintenance” reputation. “It is what cities and the federal government use to make bridges out of,” he writes. This corrosion-resistant material rusts naturally and over time develops a rough outer layer.


Stainless steel is beautiful and versatile. The surface can be hand-soured in many different finishes. Where the cor-ten creates an organic and simple statement, the stainless steel brings a modern pizazz and punch.


Powder-coating is a thick, shiny shellac, very similar to the paint on an car. Powdercoat is corrosion-resistant, and is made of finely ground plastics mixed with pigment.


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