The Inspiration Behind 'My Cutout World' as Told by José Goncqalves

José Gonçalves is a native of Londrina, Brazil, which is a city located in the north of the state of Paraná in the Southern Region of the country.  He had expressed interest in art as a child, but had an underlying passion for architecture.  When the time came, he studied Architecture and Urbanism at the State University of Londrina, Brazil. Throughout this process, his love for art remained strong, and ultimately, José transitioned out of architecture, moving primarily into the art world. He has now had over 23 years of experience as a contemporary artist and continues to make an impact on the world through the beautiful and thought-provoking pieces that he creates.  His studio is located in Londrina, Brazil, but JCO’S is fortunate enough to be featuring some of the amazing works from his collection in his show My Cutout World until November 2nd.

During the opening reception for his show (October 9th), we had an opportunity to talk with José and hear him explain the inspiration behind some of his pieces, in addition to the exhibition as a whole.  In this series of videos, we hope to share José’s inspiration with you!

In the first video in the series, José introduces us to My Cutout World and the general inspiration behind his pieces. 

José’s works use a wide variety of mediums, including remnants of fabric, strips of metal, glue, and patterned paper, in addition to acrylic paint.  He says that “everything in [his] work is conceived to remember those days, to make a texture that reflects the human being and to incorporate time to the painting.   This is sensibility, this is skin, and for this reason, my painting is not smooth.  Roughness, lack and addition of materials are essential to my work.  It is not unusual that I cut a piece of an old canvas and stick it onto a new painting so as to give it a soul” (Gonçalvesin Procopiak).

In this next video, José tells us the story behind one of his pieces featured at JCO’S: Café Boccage.

José says that “this exhibition embodies a patchwork quilt of emotions.  My Cutout World is made up of gathered images that are then layered on my canvas to create images that I never thought possible. The combination of collage, textures, resin, and brush strokes within my world of color, create a collection full of emotional memories” (Gonçalves).  He goes on to explain this further in the final video in this series.   

José’s work is on display at JCO’S though November 2nd, during his show, My Cutout World.  Be sure to stop by JCO'S Place, located at 45 N. Santa Cruz Avenue, Los Gatos, CA 95030 to get a taste of Brazil that is emulated in his works!