christine crozier



When I look for a scene or composition to paint, I want to feel a shock of emotion, almost a gasp of recognition for a scene to be compelling enough to paint. I always have an emotional connection with my subject. My emotional response is also something like a memory. In painting I have always sought the unexpected, the quiet places in plain sight, the majestic in the ordinary. There is beauty and grace in the smallest occurrences and minutia of our daily lives that can create an emotional charge. Making art is an intimate, on-going conversation between the artist and the subject. I welcome the conversation that will continue between the viewer and the artwork.


Christine’s 35 years of experience in the arts ranges from painting murals in some of America’s most beautiful homes to painting fine art oils in her own Monterey Peninsula neighborhood, and as far afield as Europe and the Fiji Islands.  She is a respected teacher who believes artists have a mission to foster the continual growth of the arts and an appreciation of beauty. Collectors in North America, Europe and the South Pacific have sought Christine’s artwork.  She has illustrated four books of poetry by Patrick Flanigan.  Her home and artwork have been showcased in the book, Artists’ Interiors by Laurie E. Dickson.