Florence de bretagne


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My artistic journey is one of light and hope. I always choose subjects that have both exquisite beauty and deep meaning. My paintings illustrate a heavenly world filled with magnificent creatures and seeds, which transform into whimsical plants and lush gardens. I work with many layers that metaphorically represent the splendor of our humanity. As the layers come together, they form a magnificent whole that represents each human's individual beauty, and the interactions between different creatures or bubbles within a painting demonstrate unity among a community, as humans and nature become one. My paintings often connect with the viewer on a very deep emotional level. 

Born and raised in Paris, France, award-winning artist Flo de Bretagne moved to California in 2006. She has exhibited with galleries and museums on both continents (Among many others: Living with Art in NYC, the Affordable Art Fair in NYC. Here in CA, the Los Gatos Museum, the SF MOMA Artists’ Gallery, and David Himmelberger Gallery in San Francisco. She has shown her work throughout Europe too: Paris, London, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, …). She won numerous awards and Prizes in Europe as well as in the US. Her work can be found in major collections, both private and public, in the US, France, Japan, and many other countries.