jeannie douglas


artist statement

I started paint with passion, color, curiosity and wonder. For the first 15 years of my art career, I was an avid watercolorist and student of realism. I am now a professional artist working solely in acrylics with a vibrant, bold, wild, expressive style. I call myself an Abstract Expressionist: I work from intuition and emotion, creating expressive and colorful paintings depicting landscapes and flower fields. I honor my love of nature through canvas and paint. 

I paint to express my emotional response to the beauty and power of nature's energy and spontaneity. The images that form my work are inspired from my adventures and exploration in the great outdoors. I paint from a picture created by my memory, feelings and imagination, connecting me to that place in nature. I’m not distracted by the details; rather I embellish the feeling I have with rich colors, translucent layers, depth, and impasto texture, while blending in both realism and expressionism that brings an experience to life.  I started down my creative path later in life, with a passion for art and color and it has now blossomed into my artist career today. I’m on a mission to make the world a more colorful place.

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