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Art Party: Betty Krause at Hotel Los Gatos

  • Hotel Los Gatos 210 East Main Street Los Gatos, CA, 95030 United States (map)

Please join JCO'S Art Haus for a pop-up art party celebrating artist Betty Krause Art, and her deliciously detailed, lusciously textured, wildflower-field-inspired abstractions.

Several new paintings by the artist will be for sale.
More details to follow!

• Hosted in collaboration with / in the front lobby of the Hotel Los Gatos
• Appetizers by Dio Deka
• 🍷 tastings TBA

"Ok, close your eyes (wait, not yet...) and imagine standing in a field surrounded by all your favorite flowers in all your favorite colors. Breathe in deeply and let the heavenly scents tickle your nose. Wrap your arms around yourself and imagine hugging a huge bouquet so close to you that you're fully embraced by the glorious colors, shapes and scents. Yeah...that's where I am when I'm creating my art.

When it comes to the process, I have very little patience, therefore, my preferred paint is acrylic. I find that acrylics dry quickly and allow me to move freely from one layer to the next. I also use mark making tools such as charcoal, graphite and pencils along with nails, skewers, toothpicks or anything else to scratch into the surface and create texture. Experimenting regularly allows for happy accidents that surprise and delight me. My art is filled with color, which reflects the joy I feel within and the positive outlook I have in life. It is my mission to spread that joy to others through my art."


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