gordon smedt
MAY 4 - JUNE 19, 2016



For FRESH PAINT, I decided to try something new: I would develop all twelve canvases simultaneously, instead of completing one or two at a time as I have done in the past. 
I wanted each painting to play off each other, while not allowing one painting's success or struggle to dictate how the others should be executed. 

My intent was to make each painting uniquely different in execution and style. I forced myself to drift in and out of my comfort zone.
 I wasn't trying to escape my style. Rather, I wanted to subtly test the boundaries. 

I wanted to exceed my own expectations and discover something in my work I had not anticipated. And as a result, producing a strong, lively, & inviting body of work that is unique in its parts yet cohesive as a show…. making it fresh to my audience, and to myself as well. 



RECENT WORKS (2014 - 2015)



     I was a figurative painter in art school. After graduation, the lack of human models left me with the gift to paint everything else in the world. It's just a matter of focusing on what intrigues and excites me personally, and pursuing what everyone else isn't painting. I'm attracted to objects familiar to most of us, but far from obvious as something one would imagine as typical subject matter.  

     The majority of my subject matter is inanimate objects yet I've never considered myself a "still-life" painter….. Rather a figurative/portrait painter who doesn't necessarily paint humans. I approach my objects as if they are people. My perspective is eye level so not to look down on a pair of shoes where we most often see them. This gives the shoes new light. They become important, with personality and a human quality. I can tell a more interesting narrative by painting clothing rather than the person wearing them. The clothing without the human enables the viewer's interpretation, allowing them to make it their own.