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My art deals with my life experiences, mental processes I undergo, and issues that concern me: Belonging. Femininity. Consumerism. The question of happiness and self-fulfillment. Social conventions versus freedom. Sexuality. And so much more.  
I choose specific visual images, sometimes iconic, to represent each subject I address. The images repeat themselves, creating a matrix and forming the skeleton of my work. These defined boundaries give me the confidence to study the subject and create in a free, abstract way. My subject investigation is done through the various changes in the image and its encounters with other visuals. These confront the image and cast additional personal or universal meaning to it, transforming the one-dimensional, tabloid subject into a complex and profound work.
The  different transformations of color and composition create contrast and harmony. The images appear and disappear in different layers of the work: positive versus negative, dark versus bright, realistic images against abstract elements and texts. The Interaction and the connection between all the elements create the artwork, and the usage of well known western cultural images, gives it a pop art feel.
The color component is very dominant in my work, I usually prefer intense color. I believe we react to color in an intuitive and emotional way.
My technique is mixed, I use acrylic, everyday objects and papers - old and new, photography, graphic design techniques and cuts.


"I was born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1973. My father was a documentary film director and an artist; my mother was a school teacher, and later on a Yoga instructor. I’m a middle child in a family of three girls. In 1999 I got my bachelor's degree in Business and Economics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Between 1999 to 2006 I worked in finance and financial risk management in Tel Aviv.
In 2008 I opened my own ceramic art studio, where I produced some original work and taught ceramics to adults and children.
I have studied graphic design and digital media in Cavim Institute of Design in Tel-Aviv.
In the spring of 2015, I relocated to California with my husband and three daughters. I have been painting and studying using several techniques, mix media, acrylic, oil, and digital art."