LYnn Hanson


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“... I go my way, and my left foot says ‘Glory’, and my right foot says ‘Amen’...” 

Annie Dillard from A Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

Lynn Hanson’s work, field notes and meditations, stems from a rapt attention and visceral connection to the natural world: from a childhood stalking toads and snakes along Whiskey Ditch in rural Minnesota to a daily ritual of wandering the beaches and canyons along the California coast. Hanson’s studios, a long time in the wild garden of her Venice cottage, followed by a WW II quonset hut in Ventura along the railroad tracks perched above the Pacific Ocean, and now in her intimate drawing studio amidst fruit trees, or in nature, standing in the ocean or surrounded by sycamores and oaks: all provide fodder. Amidst her cache of skulls, crows’ nests, black widows in mason jars, mermaid’s purses, and other finds, she transcribes her field notes. The work carries an undercurrent of longing: drawings of native wildlife on vintage maps and paintings: the gray sea, heaps of rope, and shelters of wrack and bramble. Pinhole, cyanotype, and chlorophyll photography expand her testimony.

Exhibitions include MOAH, Wildling Museum, NUMU, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Long Beach Museum of Art, Santa Paula Art Museum, Lora Schlesinger Gallery, Samuel Freeman Gallery, LA,  Jack Rutberg Gallery, LA and PYO Gallery, LA and Seoul, Korea. 

Collections include: LACMA, Ed Ruscha LA, Alison Saar LA, Barbara Hall LA, James Mangold and Cathy Konrad, LA, Laurel and Paul Britton, NYC, Steve Jacobson, NYC, Tim Blanks, London,UK , Isabelle Bscher (Galerie Gmurzynska) Zurich, San Francisco 49ers,