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My painting techniques have gradually evolved over the years through experimentation, but I still prefer working with acrylics and other water media.  
I am drawn to semi-abstract imagery where real objects become slightly distorted or re-imagined in new ways.  
My intention is to create work that inspires and challenges me as a visual artist. 

I approach my paintings in a non-traditional way by first creating a lightly textured foundation with acrylic mediums to build from.  This surface needs to have an organic-look found in nature like the bark of a tree.  My line work is added strictly by freehand, sometimes referring to my sketchbook, but letting the texture inspire my flow.  When I feel comfortable with my design or image, it’s time to apply the glazes.  This is an exciting part of my process, as I love watching how the fluid nestles into the cracks to enhance the textural qualities created earlier.

My current series of work is mostly comprised of botanical imagery. 
I’m inspired by the little details found in my garden or nature: the unique structure of a stem or branch bending with tiny blooms, or the shapes of flower petals as they unfold and fade.  Sometimes it’s the little volunteer sprouting up through the rocks and dirt that catches my eye...


For several years, Yvette followed her first passion working as an architectural designer in the Bay Area.  She produced all her building plans by the lost art of hand-drafting.  Creating and problem-solving her designs on paper was the only method she used.  
As a little girl, she was influenced by her father studying engineering at Chico State.  Today, she still uses some of his mechanical pencils and architectural scales. 

Late in her design career, the slowed economy & building market caused her to rethink her future; and learning computer-aided-drafting was not so desirable.  
Besides teaching art to children and adults, she began to take her own painting more serious with the support of her family and friends.  She is grateful for the successful transition on becoming a working artist.  Her company, Autumn Lane Studios represents her paintings and future designs.

Yvette has a B.S. degree in Interior Design from San Jose State University.  Her work is sold and shown throughout the Bay Area.  She lives and works in San Jose, California with her husband, three children and chocolate lab, Danni Bordeaux.