derrick Hickman



Artist's Statement

I have chosen the familiar images of toys as a vehicle to explore self doubt and the idea of what is normal.  Particularly through the scope of popular media, merchandising and signage.  They are one of our earliest introductions to commercialized happiness and our self comparisons.  My intent is to draw the viewer in to the work through the representation of iconic playthings that cue nostalgic reflection, whether real or perceived.   These images are often juxtaposed against distressed textures, personal narrative and the promise of advertisement text.


Derrick Hickman attended the Columbus College of Art and Design earning his BFA in Illustration and later went back to earn his BFA in Art Education from Ohio University.

After college, Derrick worked for a New York based commercial mural studio producing large scale paintings for retail environments around the country.  After several years of doing commercial work, Derrick set up his own studio with a focus on residential murals and finishes.    It was during this period that Derrick began to paint for himself as a release from the demands of client driven projects. 

Text, advertising jargon and iconic childhood playthings are all elements employed in his work.  The idea of memory and its constant state of evolution is a reoccurring theme in both his abstracted text paintings and his vintage toy series of paintings.   Derrick’s work is in private collections around the country and recently had his first solo show in Portland OR, Savannah GA and Nashville TN.



1997       BFA Ohio University   Athens, Ohio

1991        BFA Columbus College of Art & Design, Columbus, Ohio



2008     "Mixed Media", Terra Gallery,   Columbus, Ohio

2008     "Unexpected Guest" show, The Dakota, Columbus, Ohio

2008     "Agora V", Junctionview Studio, Columbus, OH

2009     "Abstractions" group show,  Facility Source Gallery, Worthington, OH

2009     "Art 4 Kids",  Rivit, Chicago, IL

2009    "One Night in a Hundred", Ohio Art League, Columbus, OH

2010     "One Absurd Night",  Ohio Art League, Columbus, OH

2011      SOLO SHOW "Childhood, as it was explained to me." Hayley Gallery, New Albany, OH

2011      SOLO SHOW "No imagination and other adult maladies."  Wholly Craft, Columbus, OH

2011      "What Wonders: Part Two" group show, Springbox Gallery, Portland, OR

2012     SOLO SHOW "Where’d all the freaks go?",  Gallery 135, Portland, OR

2013     "Agora 10", Junctionview Studio, Grandview OH

2013     "In The Box" show,  Mobile Interactive Galleries, Columbus, OH

2014     SOLO SHOW "Where’d all the freaks go?" The Butcher Gallery, Savannah, GA

2014     "Salon" show, The Bennett Gallery, Nashville, TN

2014     "The Lustron" show, Tacocat Gallery, Grandview, OH

2014     "Art for Life", Columbus, OH

2015     "Flowers for Mother", The Bennett Gallery, Nashville, OH

2016    "TXT ME", The OCCCA, Santa Ana, CA

2016     "Spring Salon" Show, The Graphite Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2016     "Babes in Toyland",  The Pulp Gallery, Charleston, SC

2017     "Love & Passion" group show, The White Room, Bridge Hampton, NY

2017     "Beautiful Word" group show, Blockfort Gallery

2017     "Neopop2", The White Room, Bridge Hampton, NY