Gary hinsche


"I am a graphic designer, a painter, a sculptor, in short, I am an artist. I'm fascinated by geometric shapes and organizing them in ways that create tension through scale and color. When everything comes together amazing images begin to happen—sometimes by accident, sometimes by design. 

Part of the magic of creation is just knowing when to stop. I've discovered that it takes years of experience to understand the difference between a good piece and one that's just good-enough. To me it is about finding that perfect balance. You can't describe it, but inexplicably know it when it happens.

For me, the creative process is a reductive exercise that guides me to the simplest place. I constantly remove elements in search of the perfect relationship between the art and the viewer in order to control the experience. I am driven by the need to control everything. Every element is there for a purpose. Everything is precise. Doubt is the enemy. 

My art is constantly evolving and changing. It has to. Change comes from experimenting and taking chances creatively. It's about embracing the beautiful contradictions in the world. And challenging everything I just said."

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