eileen noyer


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As a self-taught artist and Aussie living in Sacramento, I find the experience of painting to be transformative and a point of connection to the land I miss. I’m fascinated by the natural environment for its quirkiness and vivid contrasts between abundance and desolation. The scraggly shapes of land formations and wily natural fauna have an awkward intimacy that I strive to convey in an elementary and indirect way. Looking beyond the beauty of the Australia’s bushland and desert, I see my paintings as a point of connection for viewers to appreciate the land, and to see our very important shared role of being caretakers of our environment. Australia has a long history of spending and discarding natural resources and it is now catching up with us in devastating ways, such as drops in underground water tables and bleaching of the coral reefs. 

My painting style is the convergence of unresolved shapes and colors that gesture towards the unrefined human experience.  Each color is mixed and then placed on the canvas to show the tension in nature between form, color, dark and light. I utilize acrylic and oil paints and I apply these to canvas and wood panel. When creating art I often build texture beneath acrylic paintings, and place thick gobs of oil paint on the canvas while allowing tiny specks of the background color to peek through. It’s been 5 years since I first moved to California, and every now and then a California landscape sneaks into my art. Slowly but surely California is making its impact on me.