Lives and works in Temescal, Oakland
BFA Graphic Design, California College of Art & Design
Studied watercolor under artist Leigh Hyams
Current owner of Red Eye Design

In my pieces, my goal is to “go deep” (thank you Leigh Hyams). I enjoy inhabiting The Zone — that inner creative space that likes to express itself without thinking about it. For the paper pieces, I started with pencil, often referring to a photo I’ve taken. From there I dove into the watercolors palette and then worked into the painting with pastel, charcoal and sometimes a graphite crayon. Occasionally I work in a few spoons of dirt (especially if it’s French). 

For my abstract paintings, I abandoned working from photos and enjoy seeing what happens if I work from my gut and feelings. The results are frequently a splattering of raw emotion on paper. I feel privileged to travel to that wonderful land where time stops — where it’s only me, watercolor paper or canvas and the media (accompanied by iTunes, of course). It’s a satisfying place to visit, and I often leave drained, tired and happy — except when I feel frustrated, furious and like a failed artist who has no business doing such things. 

I started taking watercolor classes in the 1980s when I lived in Oregon. In 2008 I stumbled into an art workshop with Leigh Hyams, and became a devoted follower of her methods and instruction. With her guidance I expanded beyond the boundaries I had been inhabiting. As I grow as an artist, and take my artistic expressions more seriously, I nd that painting is becoming as necessary as breathing. My studio is located in the Temescal neighborhood of Oakland. 

[ongoing] permanent show of paintings commissioned by Kaiser Hosptial in San Leandro 2015 Pro Arts East Bay Open Studios, Oakland CA
2014 Two-artist show at Jco’s Place gallery, Los Gatos CA
2013 Pro Arts East Bay Open Studios, Oakland CA 

2013 Solo show at James Snidle Fine Arts & Appraisals, Chico CA 2012 Pro Arts East Bay Open Studios, Oakland CA
2012 Group show at Joyce Gordon Gallery, Oakland CA
2011 Sausalito Art Festival, CA 

2011 Pro Arts East Bay Open Studios, Oakland CA
2010 Group Exhibition at Bridgehead Studios, Alameda CA 2010 Pro Arts East Bay Open Studios*, Oakland CA
2010 Mill Valley Arts Festival, CA
2010 Group Exhibition at Firehouse Gallery North, Berkeley CA 2009 Solo Exhibition at The Muse, Oakland CA
2009 Group Exhibition at Esalen, Big Sur, CA
2008 Group Exhibition at Esalen, Big Sur, CA
2008 Nomad Cafe, Oakland CA
1992 Electronic Arts art show (employee artwork) CA
1990 Gualala Art in the Redwoods Festival, Gualala CA